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High Impact Paintball is perfect for veteran players. We equip them with an air-powered, semi-automatic paintball gun, which shoots a paintball every time you pull the trigger. It shoots a high impact paintball, which is the same paintball used by players who have their own equipment. We include a set of goggles with a dual-pane, no-fog thermal lens, which ensures players can always see clearly. There’s nothing worse than goggles that fog up on you while you are playing.

Our goal is to ensure the best paintball experience possible. We want our customers to play safe and have the maximum amount of fun at our park, so we provide them with the safest goggles and best playing equipment available.

High Impact Paintball:

  • Perfect for everyone aged 10 and up
  • Bigger paintball
  • Impact feels like popping a newspaper rubber band on your wrist

Playing Equipment Includes:

  • 68-caliber, air-powered semi-automatic paintball gun
  • Air tank with unlimited air fills
  • Hopper (sits on top of the gun & holds paintballs to shoot)
  • Goggle with anti-fog thermal lens
  • Unlimited playing time with equipment