Join us Saturday, April 20th at 10am for our park-wide easter egg hunt!


Tickets are $40 per person. Each ticket comes with the following:

  • All-day entry
  • Unlimited air fills
  • Rental equipment (if needed)
  • Chest armor rental or ammo carrier rental (if needed)
  • 500 paintballs


  • All players participating will be split into two equal teams (red vs. blue)
  • Each team will start at the designated start/respawn point (see the map below)
  • If eliminated during the game, return to your team’s respawn point
  • Each egg is marked with a number that corresponds to a prize
  • The objective is to find Easter eggs and deliver them to your team’s drop off point
  • At the drop off point, a ref will record your name and the number on each egg delivered
  • After the game ends, each player may collect their prize for each egg delivered
  • Prizes include items such as candy, t-shirts, paintball swag & gift certificates to the park
  • Prizes are only awarded for eggs delivered to the drop off point during the game
  • One game will be for all high-impact players (aged 10 & up)
  • Another game will be for all low-impact players (aged 6 & up)
  • Game time will be 30-45 minutes with unlimited, touch & go respawns
  • We’ll play several Easter egg hunt games throughout the day

Game Map

Valid for low impact or high impact open play only. Not valid for private parties. May not be combined with any other offers or discounts. Rental equipment subject to availability. No advance registration or reservation is required.