We built our clubhouse to be mom-friendly – no more waiting in the car while your kids play. Our clubhouse has indoor bathrooms, a climate-controlled party area for up to 28 guests, a relaxing lounge, free WIFI, a covered back patio for up to 32 guests and HDTV so you never have to miss a game. We positioned the clubhouse so that it’s within view of our three main playing fields. Say goodbye to waiting in the car and say hello to a comfortable space designed to ensure you can relax while your kids are outside playing. If the clubhouse and back patio are occupied we have seating in the shade for another 100 guests in our courtyard. Here’s a brief overview of what our clubhouse has to offer:

  • Indoor bathrooms
  • Climate-controlled party area for 28 guests
  • Lounge with free WIFI and HDTV
  • Covered back patio for 32 guests
  • Within view our 3 main playing fields from inside the clubhouse
  • Shaded seating in the courtyard for 100 guests
  • Self-serve air station for the players
  • Utility sink next to the air station for the players

We’ve made sure that no matter what the occasion both the players and parents will have a fun visit to Battle Park!