Our five playing fields are so close to the clubhouse that parents, spectators and team members can easily watch the paintball game in the comfort of our climate-controlled lounge! This ensures our players have only a short walk to your action-packed game of paintball!

Town Square


Sixteen storefronts are positioned like a town square with a statue in the middle, offering you an experience like no other! Flank your opponent in the surrounding woods or clear the town room-by-room like the SWAT teams you see on TV. If you think you’re good at Call of Duty – just wait and see how you’ll do in our urban warfare environment!

Auto Alley


Cars, tires, a service garage and a sales office give this playing field an automotive feel with fast and exciting game play.



Over 50 gravestones and statues provide an eerie landscape in which to play. The layout of the gravestones and statues are periodically changed to ensure fun and exciting games.



Lots of trees and obstacles surround the school bus in the middle of our larger woods field. Hide in the trees or get inside the school bus to ensure victory!


Lots of 55-gallon steel barrels and 175-gallon plastic totes make this playing area fun and loud!

Combined Playing Fields

We will oftentimes combine two or more playing fields for an even bigger game! For example, we’ll combine the woods and town square for an exhilarating game of attack and defend on the town.

Other Playing Fields

We have lots of unused space in the back of our property for more fields! Stay tuned for more exciting areas to play!