Sales office with treated lumber and reclaimed pallets Leon Hester (left) and Chad Hester (right) cutting windows on sales office

Our first paintball structure is on our automotive-themed field. It’s designed to be a car lot sales office to pay tribute to Fretwell Motors, a car dealership in downtown Oklahoma City started in the 1950’s by Leslie’s grandparents. Ed Fretwell Jr., Leslie’s dad, eventually sold the dealership around 1990. Leon Hester (upper-right photo, left side) and Chad Hester (upper-right photo, right side) can be seen cutting the doors and windows on the front of the sales office.

Sales office with treated plywood front ready to paint

We used treated lumber to frame the walls, then added reclaimed pallets to form the back and sides. Treated plywood finishes up the front to give it a nicer look. Paint inside and out will make it even more weather-resistant. We look forward to our players getting some paintballs on this thing!!!