Paintball Town Complete

A paintball town is something that we had always dreamed of building because we knew it would be unlike any other playing environment in our area. Here’s a brief run through of how we built it.

Paintball Town Clearing

Our friends from Aker Construction Company started clearing the space of cedar trees in April 2014.

Paintball Town Frame Paintball Town Tops

Leon Hester, Chad Hester and I constructed each wall for the town offsite since the paintball field did not yet have electricity or running water. We used treated lumber and galvanized screws in order to resist weather and corrosion. Each section was then transported from northwest Oklahoma City to the paintball field, where it was then stood up in place, leveled, screwed together and then anchored to 4×4 treated posts that we had previously cemented into the ground.

Paintball Town Fronts Paintball Town Fronts 2

We constructed the storefront tops offsite and added them once we had everything in place. We used treated plywood to cover the structure and cut out the doors and windows using a router for a nice clean edge.

Paintball Town Paint1 Paintball Town Paint2

Paintball Town Paint3 Paintball Town Paint4

We primed and painted the outsides using our favorite exterior colors. We painted the interior a dark grey to help each building look as if it had a covered roof. A light colored trim really made the doors and windows pop.

Paintball Town Obelisk 1 Paintball Town Obelisk 2

Our final touch was the obelisk in the center. Building the pyramid at the top proved not to be an easy task, but we think it really paid off since the obelisk helps to transform the landscape into a town square.

Paintball Town Builders

We finished it all in late July and are extremely proud of how the paintball town square at Battle Park Paintball turned out. This would have not been possible without the help of our friends and family, especially Leslie Fretwell Hester, Leon Hester and Chad Hester. We would also like to thank Jeff Hester, Lily Hester, Matt Aker, Brian Bomgaars, Ricky Dill, Bob Fritchie, Matt Heine, Sean Hickey, Derek McMartin, Michael Meszaros and Cory Moon.

Come out and play our paintball town square on Saturdays from 8-5, Sundays from noon to 5 or anytime throughout the week by appointment.