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Two paintball snipers hiding in the trees at Battle Park Oklahoma

Private Scenario Games

Be the hero in your very own private scenario paintball game! We put you in harm’s way as you try to rescue the downed pilot, free the hostages, defend the town, gather intel or thwart your enemy. You can book your private scenario anytime during the year. Click the link below for more info:


Public Scenario Paintball Event

Our themed, large-scale scenario paintball events utilize the entire park! Our events generally follow this schedule:

  • Camping Friday night
  • Paintball missions all day Saturday
  • Camping and fun activities Saturday night
  • Paintball missions Sunday morning
  • Final battle, awards and prizes Sunday afternoon

Your team will have lots of missions to complete to earn points for your team. If you’re eliminated during a mission, you’ll make your way to a respawn point where you’ll get to come back into the game after no longer than a 10 minute wait. Our scenario paintball games are perfect if you’re looking for an exciting weekend excursion.

Our Next Public Scenario Paintball Event: