Equipment Reservation

//Equipment Reservation

Equipment Reservation

From: $5.00

We charge $5 per person to reserve paintball rental equipment on Saturdays and Sundays. When you arrive at the park you'll pay the remaining amount. Each player gets playing equipment (paintball gun, air tank with unlimited fills, hopper and safety mask) and 100 paintballs. Per player costs are based on the total number of players in your group:

1-4 Players     $24.99/player
5-9 Players     $21.99/player
10-19 Players     $19.99/player
20-29 Players     $18.75/player
30+ Players     $17.50/player

Complete your reservation by selecting the following items below:

Duration: Default is 8 x 30 minutes or 4 hours.
Persons: How many people need to rent equipment to play?
Low or High Impact? Low impact is for ages 6 and up and uses a smaller paintball. High impact is for ages 10 and up and uses the bigger paintball. Pricing is the same on both.
Date/Time: Select the day you'd like to play paintball with us (in green). Then select the time you'd like to arrive at the park.

Click here to make a reservation during the week.