– Safety goggles are required to be worn at all times when you’re in the playing area. Only paintball masks may be worn. No exceptions.

– Barrel blockers are required to be over the end of your barrel at all times when you’re in the safe area. Barrel plugs or other items may not be used as barrel blockers. No exceptions.

– Only Battle Park Paintballs are allowed. We ask you leave paintballs purchased elsewhere in your vehicle. No exceptions.

– No shooting at the neck or head.

– Do not shoot closer than 20 feet – instead, ask your opponent to surrender. If asked to surrender you must surrender.

– Do not shoot the wildlife.

Shoot only what you can see – shooting while being unable to see your target is not allowed.

– Do not shoot over the net or over the property boundary.

– Do not climb on, under or into structures, windows, trees or vehicles.

– No unauthorized equipment is allowed on the field such as metal cleats, tools and knives.

– Avoid field hazards such as ruts, fences, etc. Please report any hazard to our staff.

– Do not construct booby traps such as trip lines, barricades or anything that will hinder the movement of players.

– Paintball velocity is required to be at or below 285 feet per second and will be verified by chronograph.

– Firing modes allowed are semi-automatic only during normal play. Special exceptions for ramping may be made for special events.

– Do not overshoot – marking your target with one paintball is considered an elimination.

– Do not pick up paintballs on the ground – don’t throw them or put them in the guns as they will damage the equipment.

– Violating these rules may be considered as grounds for immediate expulsion from the park without refund.