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Every player at Battle Park will receive a safety orientation before they enter the field of play. Here’s a list of the topics we cover to ensure everyone has a safe and fun experience:

  • Facility
    • Bathroom locations
    • Self-serve air station location and usage
    • Utility sink location
    • Only Battle Park paintballs are allowed to keep everyone safe
    • Extra ammo location
    • Concession location
    • Chronograph location and limit
    • Safe Zones vs. Playing Zones
    • Keep barrel covers on in safe zones to keep everyone safe
    • Keep goggles on in playing zones to keep yourself safe
    • No weapons of any kind are allowed
  • Playing Paintball
    • Groups ensure everyone has fun and are equally matched
      • Beginners are kept separate
      • Private groups play separate
      • Advanced players play separate
    • What counts as “out” when playing paintball
    • Where to go when you are “out”
    • Do not shoot players if you are within 10 feet – ask them to surrender
    • Surrender if someone asks
    • No physical contact with other players
    • All paintball guns must be set to shoot at speeds under 300 feet per second
    • Do not climb on or move structures or vehicles
    • Do not shoot the wildlife
    • No tools, cigarette lighters or other flammable material allowed in playing zones
    • If you have problems with rental equipment we will fix or replace it quickly
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed