We had an exciting finish to our summer league last night. The finals started just like the regular season with The Hooligans at the top, followed by Logic, Catnip and Temperamental Testudines. But one team, The Underdogs, who went 1-17 in the regular season had a strong finish in the finals.

The Underdogs ended up in the loser’s bracket after they went win-loss-win against Temperamental Testudines in their first match. They also lost their second match against Catnip. But they rallied in the end to defeat Temperamental Testudines and Catnip to wind up in third place.

It goes to show that you should never overlook the underdog in any situation.

Congratulations to The Hooligans for taking first, Logic for taking second and The Underdogs for finishing third in our Summer 3-Man Paintball League.