It was a hard-fought battle on both sides, but the Rebellion ultimately prevailed in Battle Park’s 2017 Hunger Games. More than 150 players attended the 2nd annual event, including players from Oklahoma City area scenario paintball teams to those who drove from over 4 hours away.

The Capitol general, Travis Posey from The Drifters, won the coin toss on Friday night. He elected to choose his team’s starting point on the 2nd mission as the north side of the map. Justin Waldrop, the Rebellion general from The Hatchetmen, chose his team’s starting point on the first mission as the south side of the map.

The games started with a 3-hour cornucopia battle at 10:00am on Saturday, March 18th. The teams’ main objective was to collect weapons from the cornucopia at the center of the town square and deliver them to their respective drop off points located inside enemy territory. Other mini-missions included finding the tracker jacker nest, rescuing/eliminating Rue and destroying the cornucopia. The Rebellion scored the majority of the points by storing and protecting 20 weapons in their drop off point. The first mission ended at 1:00pm with the Rebellion in the lead 550 points to zero.

The second mission started at 3:00pm on Saturday. The teams’ main objectives were (1) find Peeta and escort him to safety and (2) maintain/disconnect the Capitol power lines. Other mini-missions included two different Capitol sign hacks and to deliver white roses to Katniss. Although the Rebellion extracted Peeta and kept the power lines disconnected most of the time, the Capitol scored the majority of the points by completing the mini-missions. The second mission ended at 6:00pm with the Capitol outscoring the Rebellion 470 to 460, but the Rebellion maintained the overall lead with a score of 1010 to 470.

The final battle started at 10:00am on Sunday. The teams’ main objectives were to (1) bomb/protect four buildings in the town, (2) control the town by raising flags in three areas and (3) toggle the flag station towards the end of the game. Other mini-missions included hijacking the Capitol hovercraft, eliminating President Snow (Travis Posey) and eliminating Katniss (Justin Waldrop). Although the Capitol put up a good fight, they were unable to prevent the Rebellion from completing the majority of their missions, allowing them to outscore the Capitol 3500 to 400.

The final score was Rebels 4510 Capitol 870. We’d like to thank Justin Waldrop and Travis Posey for volunteering to be generals at the game.

Team WARR raffled off several prizes, including paintballs, paint grenades and Tippmann Chronus paintball guns. Travis Posey awarded Team Fox Squad the MOFO (most-feared opponent) award. Travis also awarded Hannah “Shield” Briggs the MVP of the Capitol team. We’d like to say a special thank you to Team WARR and Travis Posey of The Drifters for offering up those prizes and awards.

We did a prize drawing for free entry (and a rental if needed) for the winner and a friend plus 500 paintballs good for playing once a week at the park until the end of 2017. Gavin Martinez chose Lewis Hofeld as the winner. Lewis was nice enough to give the prize away to a player under the age of 16. Lewis chose 11-year-old Zachary Snodgrass from Enid.

We’d like to thank all the players for attending our 2nd annual Hunger Games! We’re already looking forward to our next one… so much that we’ve already got it on our calendar!

Battle Park’s 3rd annual Hunger Games is scheduled for March 24th, 2018!